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lower ground floor flat problems

lower ground floor flat problems

basement/ground floor flat has no damp-proofing - … we live in a maisonnette flat - the lower ground (basement) floor is an open plan kitchen/living room/dining room, and the ground floor has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and hallway. we have the bottom two floors of a 4-story detached stone house (not sure of the age - early 1900s i think).

ground floor apartments: pros and cons - suitelife ground floor apartments: pros and cons

which is the best floor to buy a flat in high-rise building structural defects: the top and the ground floor of a building are more prone to water seepage, dampness or drainage problems than the middle floors. it must be noted that the middle floor units (those between three to six) offer the right mix of upper and ground floor apartment living. therefore, they are in high demand nowadays.

living in leasehold flats - a guide to how it works - … leasehold ownership of a flat is simply a long tenancy, the right to occupation and use of the flat for a long period – the ‘term’ of the lease. this will usually be for 99 or 125 years and the flat can be bought and sold during that term. the term is fixed at the beginning and so decreases in length year by year.

considering a ground-floor apartment? here's what … 2019-8-14 · still, the drawbacks can be deal breakers for some: ground floor apartments are more likely to have problems with insects and rodents. depending on the location and configuration of your apartment, you may have to worry about passersby peering in when the shades are up. street noise is an issue. and break-ins are a very real concern.

the secret to a long and healthy life? a high-rise flat ... the chances of dying from lung disease are 40 per greater among people who live on the ground floor than among those with a flat above the eighth floor. for heart disease, mortality rates were 35 ...

are ground floor flats always cheaper/less desirable ... 2020-9-4 · ground floor is always the first flat to get done over. that said, when we lived in toxteth the block we lived in (an old house with about 8 flats in it) got steamed by a gang one night.

lower ground floor flat vs top (3rd) floor flat? if you have choice of between the lower ground floor flat and the top (3rd) floor flat to invest, which one would you prefer? and why? assume both flats are in same

which floor to choose in a high-rise building? 2014-7-25 · living on the ground floors. if your house is located in a suburban area or in a rural locality, living on the ground floor is enjoyable by all means, but if you are living in a densely populated city, living on the ground level can be challenging. “ground floors get limited light and › home › property news

best floor to live on in an apartment building | … the first floor of an apartment is ideal for bringing in heavy loads, such as your furniture when moving or that big trip to the grocery store. if you’re the type who enjoys frequent trips to the supermarket but doesn’t like the added exercise of lugging your purchases to the top floor, the ground floor might be … › rent blog › apartment hunting

5 features that make a ground-floor apartment … 2020-8-11 · a ground-floor apartment also means you won’t have to worry about catching the coronavirus from riding the elevator with your neighbors. before the pandemic, living in a ground-floor apartment often got a bad rap in nyc. these types of apartments tend to give you less natural light and, if your windows face the street, less privacy.

faraday grove, bensham 2 bed flat to rent - £400 pcm … entrance entrance door leading into porch, hallway and central heating radiator. lounge 15'11 x 12'0 electric fire with marble inset & hearth, double glazed window, central heating radiator and large double storage cupboard. kitchen 7'9 x 12'1 double glazed window, fitted kitchen units with work surfaces, electric oven with gas hob, extractor canopy, stainless steel sink unit, pvc door leading ...

pros & cons: high floor vs. low floor - … 2019-4-25 · living on a lower floor leaves you with less privacy, but it also gives you a chance to make new friends in your building. more noise families with young children almost always prefer to live on the ground/first floor, so be ready for plenty of echo in the hallways and try not to step on a tiny lego piece on your way to the elevator.

how to fix an arched back (hyperlordosis) - posture … 1) i start by lying down and resting feet on the floor. 2) then i flatten my lower back by rotating the pelvis and the rotated state is maintained by legs. 3) then i engage your core muscles to help with keeping the lower back flat. 4) subsequently i lift my feet from the floor, and only the engaged core muscles keep the lower back flat.

pros and cons of lower floor vs higher floor living 2016-4-17 · the evolving needs of indian buyers has brought about a change in their home buying preferences. from direction of the property to type of flooring, new parameters have joined the existing list of property selection. with vertical living becoming the norm of the day, there are a group of buyers who prefer to opt for lower floors and another group that are quick to grab the higher floor offers.

thinking of buying a flat? - the leasehold advisory … flat owners have a share of the freehold if the whole building is owned by all of the flat owners, typically through a company in which they each have a share. however, having a share in the freehold does not mean that you can do as you please. you must still keep to the terms of the lease. disclaimer

soundproofing an apartment: non-invasive fixes for … 2020-3-11 · first of all great post! i have a huge issue: i live in an apartment (ground floor) in a two-story apartment building, where each floor is an apartment. my biggest complaint is not the neighbors, though i can hear them when they raise their voice and sometimes their footsteps, but it’s the constant drilling of the light rail passing by every ...

lascelles terrace, eastbourne, bn21 4bj 1 bed flat for ... enviably located in lower meads just a short walk from shops and the mainline railway station, this immaculate top (3rd) floor retirement flat has a double bedroom, residents and visitors parking. the property boasts a sitting room with balcony and a stylish adjoining modern kitchen. in addition,...

in summer are the upper storey flats more hot or the … 2020-7-24 · the top floor can be very hot in a cement apartments flat without an attic. the second consideration is orientation. east facing and west facing flats are hotter, without extra shading and insulation because in the summer the sunlight is strong from morning until it sets.

10 exercises to strengthen the lower back lie back on the floor with bent knees and feet flat on the ground. keeping the shoulders firmly on the floor, gently roll both bent knees over to one side. hold the position for 5–10 seconds.

tyneside flats - ward hadaway 2016-7-11 · the ground floor front door leads into the ground floor flat. the second front door leads to a hallway and to a staircase directly to the upstairs flat. each flat is legally interdependent. the upper flat shelters the lower flat. the lower flat supports the upper flat. this has led to a specific legal scheme known as a tyneside flat lease ...

avoid the top floor to save on apartment expenses many people like having a top floor apartment—no neighbors above means no thumps and bumps. the top floor may cost you more than just extra calories as you huff it up and down the stairs, however.

the ups & downs of ground floor vs. upper floor … 2011-10-17 · have you taken a look at last week’s house tours? david and teresa’s aerie had me contemplating the advantages and disadvantages of living high and living low. each has their pros … and cons:my own home is on the ground floor. but for the last two months, i’ve been living on the top floor. it has literally given me a whole new perspective.

ground versus upper floor flat? — … 2008-1-29 · it used to be considered that a first floor flat was best, then the level above and so on with a ground floor flat last. this was because ground floor was considered most at risk, on street level, passers by etc etc etc and the first floor was closest to the front door but none of the ground floor issues.

lower ground floor flats london - august 2020 see 3,971 results for lower ground floor flats london at the best prices, with the cheapest rental property starting from £185. looking for more real estate to let? explore flats to rent in london as well!

advantages to ground floor apartment living | … (photo by phodge100 on flickr)while a bit dated, we still related to this new york times article from 2004. it was written at the height of the real estate boom but much of the article still applies. it’s all about the disadvantages and suprising advantages to living in a ground floor apartment.

is the top floor or bottom floor better in an apartment ... from personal experience, i can say that one should not buy/rent ground floor at any cost. when i was buying a flat i read too much stuff about the advantages v disadvantages of ground floor. at that time i was living in a top floor apartment. it more safe to be on the bottom, middle, or top floors in ...2019-10-11which floor is relatively safe to stay in during an ...2018-12-17can the smell of smoke travel downstairs? i’ve noticed an ...2018-7-1how bad is it to live in an apartment on ground floor?2016-4-28

diy guide: dealing with damp | life and style | the … 2008-2-29 · on the ground floor, damp problems arise if the ground level outside is higher than the damp-proof course or covers the air bricks designed to allow air to circulate underneath suspended floors.

floors and ceilings - under one roof on the ground floor, smaller joists are often used, resting on sleeper or dwarf walls. dwangs (known as noggins in england) or herringbone struts were generally used to stiffen the joists though some builders relied on floorboards alone to achieve this bracing. ... problems with floors rot in floors. ... it will also lower the ceiling height ...

damp below ground level in historic buildings 2019-5-17 · nevertheless, lower ground floor accommodation is still being built, and in the larger towns and cities where planning restrictions and limited building space have created new pressures, many old cellars and lower floor kitchen and service areas are being converted into living accommodation.

problems top floor flat | iref® - indian real estate … 2011-5-21 · what are the problems that one could face in a high rise floor flat above which only terrace is there some that came to my mind – 1.x09flat would be hot during summer 2.x09seepage problems if after rains water accumulates at few points on the terrace 3.x09lift fails (then equal to a dead duck!! :) ) mitigated if backup generator is there

top floor flat versus ground floor - values? | yahoo … 2007-8-12 · the top floor is often regarded as the penthouse and so usually costs more but think of the advantages with the bottom floor no walking upstairs no lift to break down eradicating the need to walk upstairs and if you buy a heavy piece of furniture its easier to put in a ground floor flat than having to negotiate several flights of stairs when you,ve found it won,t go in the lift as long as your ...

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