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install tiles over concrete

how to lay porcelain tile over a concrete floor | home guides ...

once finished, a porcelain tile installation over concrete will last generations, ensuring your investment is beyond a mere one- to five- year warranty that some floor finishes have.

installing tile over mastic on a concrete floor

question: i am tiling (mosaic and small pieces) over what once was a concrete basement floor, which on occasion, in [my city] with all the rain can get flooded.what was there when i bought the house 2 years ago was an asbestos (?) linoleum 1' square very thin tile over a thin black mastic.

can you install deck tiles on concrete? | newtechwood

putting deck tiles on concrete composite deck tiles are an excellent way to bring style and practicality to your outdoor living space. if you have decided to install composite decking tiles in your outdoor space, you may be wondering if you can lay composite decking over concrete.

how to install carpet tiles over concrete | hunker

installing carpet tiles (aka carpet squares) over concrete is a simple process that most people can do without any experience. they work as wall-to-wall carpeting or as an area rug and the carpet squares can be replaced individually as needed, rather than needing to replace the entire carpet.

how to's - how to install tile over an existing concrete patio

how to install tile over an existing concrete patio. laying tile outside is just like laying tile inside. you start by preparing the area, laying out the tile exactly as it will look, then setting it, grouting and finishing. here’s the step-by-step process to transform that ordinary concrete patio into something extraordinary. step 1: prep ...

how to install vinyl plank flooring on concrete - step by ...

the steps in this guide on how to install vinyl plank flooring on concrete are quite easy to follow. if you don't have all the tools or you want to be 100% sure you don't waste any material, invite a friend over to help you.

how to install laminate flooring over concrete | 2020 home ...

scenario: when installing a laminate floor on top of old tile on top of concrete basement floor. in colorado, dry basement, built 1961. the previous owner put the really old style tiles on top of concrete. my contractor wants to install laminate on top of floor. there are also tiles missing here and there.

how do i install porcelain tile over painted concrete ...

as long as there are not structural cracks in the concrete floor you can install porcelain tile over it. you need to prepare by removing the paint and scarifying the surface to open up the pores of the concrete. you want water to readily absorb into it. if you use a stripper to remove the paint be sure to flush it thoroughly to remove any ...

can you install tile over concrete? - the spruce

installing tile directly on concrete . ceramic and porcelain tile are so frequently installed at or above grade level on a cement board underlayment or directly on plywood that it almost seems novel to install tile directly on concrete. yet this application does make sense, since concrete is heavy, solid, and is typically thought of as an ...

installing self-adhesive vinyl tiles over concrete ...

installing self-adhesive vinyl tiles over concrete is not always easy, especially if you remove carpets from the concrete base. if you want to install the tiles properly, you should prepare the floor, making sure that the surface is clean, without any remains of sealers, adhesive, or anything else.

how to install tile over concrete - greenbuildingadvisor

tile can contribute thermal mass to a passive solar house, and to christa campbell it would make a more appealing finish floor than concrete. although tile can be placed directly over a concrete slab, products such as schluter’s ditra are designed to separate, or “uncouple,” the tile from any potential movement in the substrate and protect the tile and grout from cracking.

how to install tile on a painted concrete floor | ehow

installing tile over painted concrete adds a few extra steps to your tiling job. unfortunately, the tile cannot be adhered directly to the painted surface. paint used on concrete will not bond with the tile adhesive. all paint will need to be removed before you begin installing the tile.

how can i install porcelain tile over a concrete slab with ...

ideally you want a rh of about 75% to 80%. with ceramic tile you might be able to get away with up to 90% depending on the tile and installation products you are using. there are epoxy coating systems for applying a vapor retardant over the concrete slab surface before you tile over it. it mitigates extreme moisture conditions.

installing tile outside on a concrete porch or patio | today ...

hi! we are wanting to tile over a concrete pad (26 years old) and have stained and then painted over the years. having trouble removing all of the paint layer on top of the stain. is this a problem? or does it have to be completely free of paint before tiling. wanting to put porcelain tiles over it and live in midwest , so there are cold winters.

how to tile a concrete slab floor in a bathroom | home guides ...

install tile over concrete. 1. dry fit the ceramic tiles on the floor. plan the layout so there are full-sized tiles in front of the bathtub and in the doorway. avoid having any tiles less than 2 ...

basement flooring options over concrete | best flooring for ...

ceramic tile. for ceramic tile, nail cement boards to the concrete floor with concrete nails so they won't move, then apply mastic, tile, and grout. if you feel that despite all precautions the basement floor may get wet, put down 2-by-4-inch sleepers, cover with plastic, and then install the plywood as the subfloor.

how to prepare a subfloor for tile installation - the home depot

to prevent that movement from creating cracks in your grout and tile, install a crack prevention membrane after the concrete subfloor is clean, flat, and free of cracks larger than 1/8-inch. you can either roll on a liquid latex membrane or use a peel-and-stick crack prevention mat over the entire concrete subfloor.

how to lay tile on a concrete slab | today's homeowner

i want to install ceramic tile in the bedroom. the foundation is concrete slab. /for one outside wall, the concrete ends about 1 inch from the wall. the builders put down some sort of filler (not concrete) for this large gap.

how to install slate tile over concrete | hunker

a concrete slab is the best subfloor for any type of tile installation. installing slate over concrete is a project anyone can complete, but preparation is important. make sure you have at least 10 percent extra tile for cuts and waste.

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