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duelyst shadow creep deck

duelyst | cassyva control shadow creep deck & decklist ...

duelyst deck - constructed / ranked cassyva control shadow creep deck / patch 1.66 buy cheap video games: play the game for free: (get 100 gold extra ...

shadow creep deck on a budget? : duelyst - reddit

new player, and i generally prefer to play more control decks in tcgs. i thought shadow creep was a fun deck, but it all seems pretty high in spirit costs. i'm fairly new, only about two weeks in. did the 20 orbs humble bundle and plan on picking up the 10 orb pack. i have about 3.3k dust to my name, could probably get around 4k if need be.

my shadow creep deck is finally climbing ranks again! : duelyst

i managed to slowly reach rank 5 with my shadow creep deck, but upon hitting rank 5 i faced a complete wall of progress where i couldn't win more than two games before sinking to rank 5 (0 orbs). since the patch i've already reached rank 4 with just a few games, and hope to reach s rank by the end of the season. fantastic patch, thank you so much!

duelyst tips – duelystdecks

overall: a-. it’s not right in every deck by far, but where it shines, it has the potential to be blinding. this is the kind of card that makes removal such an enormous requirement in high-level duelyst decks. keeper of the value *ahem* — i mean keeper of the vale. yeah, this card is that good. if you bring back a 2/3, you’re getting 14 ...

[1.71]core mechanic change: shadow creep :: duelyst general ...

shadow creep tiles now always deal 1 damage, rather than scaling with the amount of friendly shadow creep tiles. praise the sun! shadow creep was always a frustrating mechanic to play against.

boss battles - official duelyst wiki

trial decks can also fare well, often overwhelming bosses in the late game (underlord xor'xuul, grand strategos) bosses do not play around shadow creep and decks using it can be quite efficient boss decks usually don't run a lot of removal, meaning your big threats have a good chance to generate advantage.

budget shadow creep deck? : duelyst - reddit

hey guys, new player here. i always want to play shadow creep abyssian but all the deck i found is just super expensive 7k deck. being a new player with lacking collection i kinda wonder just how much dust would be required to have a decent cass deck without sacrificing too much consistency.

old creep abyss – duelspot - duelyst deck database

shadow nova was in every creep decks in old days as 7mana end game card, but now is only 4mana cost for a 2×2 area only deal 1 dmg if you are on it which is bad. its too slow for building up creep, bbs is even better with the “owl” mentor.

review: duelyst · roy tang

shadow creep – this is a modifier that can be added to board tiles. an enemy standing on shadow creep takes 1 damage at the end of the shadow creep owner’s turn **zeal **– gains bonus effect as long as it’s next to the general; duelyst also has a number of keywords that are analogous to abilities in mtg and hs.

shadow creep - official duelyst wiki

shadow creep is exclusive to the abyssian. shadow creep belonging to you has a light purple tint, and shadow creep belonging to your enemy has a red tint. shadow creep is affected by dispels that target tiles. spawning shadow creep on a tile that already has enemy shadow creep in it will make it yours.

abyssal crawler - official duelyst wiki

while the shadow creep tiles to do not affect opponents directly (i.e. they never need to position to avoid creep damage from these tiles), they activate late-game finishers such as obliterate and ghost azalea, as well as the midgame abyssal juggernaut. with this foreknowledge, players playing against creep decks prioritize removing crawlers.

duelyst - abyssian shadow creeper deck - youtube

want an awesome abyssian deck? check this one out! it revolves around putting out as much creep as you can while kiting the enemy around the map. its constantly changing so tune in for more ...

3 new 1.63-ready pauper duelyst decks (440 spirit!) with ...

another tool you can use to really put the cap on shadow nova is sun bloom — it’s well worth it to bloom away a 2×2 shadow creep even if you don’t catch anything else with the bloom. really, though, the biggest trick you can use against cassyva is to prevent her from building up random one-off creeps over the course of the game.

economy class duelyst – shim’zar edition – zyxthezyx

the rest of the deck is fairly well composed of now-standard creep components, with the caveat to remove all shadow nova once you get 2 copies of ghost azalea. shadow sister kelaino continues to be as irritating a staple as possible, and spectral blades are often useful.

creep: q edition – duelspot

a duelyst deck database website featuring decks submitted by players. find the best decks or filter out decks that use specific cards. duelspot also contains a database of all cards.

duelyst - cassyva shadow creep deck (abyssian) #1 - youtube

one of my ladder games with the new control cassyva. duelyst is a competitive strategy game focused on tactical combat, squad building, and ranked ladder play. each battle is a 1v1 match between ...

abyssian host - official duelyst wiki

you can use a variety of different deck archetypes and strategies. shadow creep threatens enemies from stepping on it, allowing for battle field control. weaknesses [edit | edit source] difficult to come back after you have no more minions on the battlefield. your removal is expensive, requiring a sacrifice of your own minions or a lot of mana.

abyssal juggernaut - official duelyst wiki

abyssal juggernaut is the standard midgame threat featured in shadow creep decks. since its effect is not an opening gambit, abyssal juggernaut's stats actively scale with the number of creep tiles throughout the game. this works for and against the minion: while it can progressively gain stats, it can also be weakened through dispelling creep ...

duelyst decks – page 2 – duelystdecks

3 more pauper duelyst decks with detailed guides for newbies — 440 spirit for victory! 3 new 1.63-ready pauper duelyst decks (440 spirit!) ... 2×2 (shadow creep ...

shadow creep – duelyst wiki

giới thiệu [sửa | sửa mã nguồn]. ô shadow creep là một trong hai ô đặc biệt của duelyst (ô đặc biệt kia là ô mana).những ô shadow creep không ngừng gây tổn thương chừng nào kẻ địch còn chưa thoát khỏi phạm vi ảnh hưởng của chúng.

duelyst expands monster library with ancient bonds | rock ...

“a new keyword ‘bond’ that triggers when minions of the same tribe are played to the board, and a variety of new strategies and effects to try out in your decks.” duelyst has had these tribal categories – golems, arcanysts, vespyrs and what have you – since the start but not too much has been made of those connections until now.

how to deal with shadow nova skill ? :: duelyst general ...

with some of the new cards, it does look like shadow creep decks will still be very strong. but they will play very differntly and hopefully will be more fun to play against. also, no, shadow creep is very good. cassyva shadow creep is one of if not the top decks in the high ranks.

duelyst review - board game tactics meets ccg goodness | mmohuts

interesting cards: darkspine elemental [double damage dealt by friendly shadow creep], nightsorrow assassin [opening gambit: destroy nearby enemy with attack 2 or less], reaper of the nine moons [deathwatch: summon a random minion from the opponents deck], deathfire crescendo [give a creature deathwatch: gain +2/+2], wraithling swarm [summon 3 ...

duelyst - final fantasy tactics meets hearthstone meets ...

the balance isn't just with legendaries. i think my two most hated cards in the game are shadow nova and spiral technique. shadow nova drops a 4x4 area of shadow creep that deals damage equal to the amount of shadow creep on the board at the end of your turn, so it's effectively a 4+ damage aoe spell.

700 spirit ‘ultrabudget’ abyssian duelyst decks – duelystdecks

hi, again, duelyrs! i’m back with a glance at a few 700-spirit duelyst decks, this time for the abyssian faction. one of these decks i’d describe as ‘kinda trolly,’ the other three are pretty all-around decent. let’s do it! the deathwatcher (pauper upgrade) commons added: void pulse (x3), shadow reflection (x3), nightshadow assassin (x3)

duelyst tips: the big list of geography-based spells [updated ...

3 more pauper duelyst decks with detailed guides for newbies — 440 spirit for victory! 3 new 1.63-ready pauper duelyst decks (440 spirit!) ... 2×2 (shadow creep ...

[duelyst] pretty much hearthstone tactics - page 15 — penny ...

i don't feel as though the full shadow creep builds are optimal right now. i am underwhelmed by abyssal juggernaut and you need room to make sure you stay alive. you win any long game, but getting there is the trick. shadow nova is worth making a deck around since it is so strong. 3 bloodtear alchemist 3 void pulse 3 demonic lure 3 ephemeral shroud

grandmaster variax a little too awesome? :: duelyst general ...

okay, so if you're playing cassyva, grandmaster variax changes your bloodborn spell to allow you to summon a 4/4 fiend token on each shadow creep. it's an opening gambit, so even if you destroy/dispel variax, the effect remains for the rest of the game. i'm thinking this is just a little too good, even considering it's a late game card that costs 7 mana. the average cassyva deck creates ...

duelyst shim’zar expansion preview -

this deck doesn’t necessarily have the strongest units or combos in the game, but it’s simply not much fun to play against and doesn’t offer a lot of counter play. once the shim’zar expansion goes live, shadow creep will no longer scale in damage, but it will be more cost effective.

klaxon – duelspot - duelyst deck database

a duelyst deck database website featuring decks submitted by players. find the best decks or filter out decks that use specific cards. duelspot also contains a database of all cards.

fast creep cassyva – duelspot - duelyst deck database

duelyst deck database. decks ... while this is going on drop any extra mana on things that generate shadow creeps. ... creep abyss deck for grinding till diamond, but ...

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