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neighbors fence on property can i remove it

neighbors fence on property can i remove it

what to do if your neighbor's tree is impacting your property

trees can be a huge source of contention between neighbors, but as a property owner, you do have certain rights. if your neighbor refuses to do the right thing and address the issue at hand, don't ...

my neighbor’s new fence encroaches on my property. what can i do?

in most cases, the owner of the property will be granted the right to remove their neighbor’s fence at the neighbor’s cost as well as monetary damages if any damage has been done to the property. if the neighbor has a history of acting in ways that violate your property, you may be able to get compensation for court costs, legal ...

can i remove neighbors fence on my property? | yahoo answers

this question is regarding land in hicksville new york. we are trying to sell the house. our neighbors fence is 1.9 feet into my property. the buyer won t close the sale until it is moved. the neighbor is demanding we cut down a tree and remove our shed before he moves the fence 2 feet. absurd. he is trying to take advantage because he knows we need something. my question is, can i take the ...

a homeowner’s guide to boundary disputes - lawdepot blog

if you can be certain about the location of the property line, you can ask your neighbor to stop building or, if that fails, send a cease & desist letter. if you aren’t certain that the fence is encroaching on your land, you can still request your neighbor to pause construction until you can hire a surveyor or get your hands on a survey plan.

legal q&a: can i ask our neighbours to remove a fence built ...

can we make seller remove bin of dog poo they left in our new home? speak to your neighbours in the first instance and ask them to reposition the fence in the correct place. you could offer to sell them the land or suggest the fence can remain temporarily, provided that when it needs replacing it is erected on the original boundary.

can i remove a neighbor’s fence on my property? - quora

yes and no. if it has been there for more than 7 years, then they can file for squatters rights (adverse possession) and take ownership of the land the fence is on legally.

removal or destruction of fences – fences

a landowner can remove a fence, separating his/her land from that of his/her neighbor, when such fence is located wholly upon his/her own land. however, a landowner is not empowered to remove a partition fence without the adjacent landowner’s consent. a partition fence is the joint property of adjacent landowners.

what to do if a neighbor builds a fence on your property ...

an attorney can advise you of what legal action to take, and if the matter ends up going to court, rest assured that if you have proof that the fence in question is on your property, there's a ...

can a neighbour attach something to my fence? boundary rules

the fence isn’t on their property at all, we built it before the council took theirs down last year , so it is on our side , anyway i have contacted the council and they said they will deal with it , but i know i am in my rights to detach what they have attached without permission, ,i could always play dirty and take the fence down for maintainence though!

what can you do when your neighbor's fence is on your property?

in some exceptional cases, all these qualifications may be met; even so there are other solutions, summarized below. in most cases, an encroaching fence won't qualify, which means that you can demand that your neighbor move the fence and that if he refuses you can take her to court where you'll likely prevail. this doesn't mean you should, however.

fencing laws and your neighbors: faqs - wpc

if a property owner's fence violates a subdivision rule, the homeowners association may ask the owner to make it conform. if the owner refuses, the association or a neighbor can sue to enforce the rules. sometimes a neighbor may build an ugly fence out of spite for a neighbor. many states have laws that regulate "spite fences."

can one neighbor remove a fence located directly on the ...

a survey would determine if the fence is on the neighbor's property, or yours. if portions of the fence lie on both sides of the line, it would be an encroachment into your property. if the fence is on his property, or even encroaching on yours, he can remove it. if the fence is on his property it would be unwise for you to buy it because the ...

how to deal with neighbors that encroach on your property ...

if your neighbor has taken a few feet of your land when building his fence, you can take steps to take back your land. a caveat, however; make sure you know where your true property boundaries are.

what will happen if i remove a fence on my land, that i built ...

my neighbor removed my fence without my permission. both he and i knew the fence was on his property when i bought the property. (fence was there before i bought the house.)

can i remove my neighbor's fence from my property? - q&a - avvo

can i remove my neighbor's fence from my property? i bought a property within the last 10 months and about 2-3 months ago found out our neighbor's fence is on our property through a survey (was told by the real estate agent that the property line was to the fence, which was a lie and they knew the fence was encroaching).

real estate - force neighbor to resolve property line ...

the description of the property in the clerk's office would still be the same and what is purchased would be legally available to sell. it would come down to whether the fence is the legal property of the neighbor or something left on your lawn, which obviously is the latter, but if you destroy it without proof, the neighbor can call the cops.

good neighbor fence etiquette | fence guidelines and tips

if you practice fence etiquette and bone up on local zoning regs, you can avoid neighbor disputes. avoid fence disputes by practicing fence etiquette--a good neighbor policy. if you follow zoning regulations and share basics with neighbors before construction, you can install a new fence and stay on good terms with the folks next door.

fence replacement etiquette | dealing with neighbors | wood ...

if it is on your property, you own the fence! knowing this ahead of time will help in the event that your neighbors are difficult to deal with and refuse to work with you. if the existing fence is on the neighbor’s property, you can not remove it without their approval.

neighbors' shed is on our property: can he claim the land ...

question. my neighbor built a shed that is technically about 20 feet into my property. while i don’t care so much about the shed itself, which is small, it has occurred to me that he could claim adverse possession over the whole path leading up to the shed, as well as the land under the shed.

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